Once upon a time on a rainy day in London, Tenshiko was going home after a long day at work. As she was riding the escalator to resurface from the London Underground, she thought of the best idea ever for a point & click video game.


Tenshiko continued to kick ass in the world of business software, until one day she met MB.

At the time, MB was already a successful member of the game development industry with tons of experience. He also played the drums.

They talked a lot about all kinds of stuff, eventually Tenshiko mentioned her game idea. MB thought it was a good idea too.

And so she started looking for game dev jobs all over the place. Long commute? No problem. Smaller salary? No problem. Junior position? No problem. After all, you gotta start somewhere, right?

But they all sent her away...


And so she decided to quit her job and become a game dev on her own and make that awesome game anyway.

While she was working on that game she discovered game jams.

One day she was scrolling through her news feed where she noticed something. This girl, Vikus was looking for recommendations for a new digital drawing pad. She included one of her drawings in her post. It was of a nicely drawn cartoon character that immediately reminded Tenshiko of a classic point & click: Day of the Tentacle.

Tenshiko decided to contact this girl at least to say how awesome her drawing was. As it turned out, this girl was a fan of DotT, so Tenshiko thought to herself ‘What the hell..’ and she asked Vikus if she wanted to work with her on a game.

She said ‘Hell yeah!’


Getting better at game jams, Tenshiko decided to take part in a 2-week game jam: Adventure Jam. MB and Vikus were happy to join.

And so Behind the Beyond was born.

They all had fun working on this game jam entry that they decided that they would stick together and make it into a real game.


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